Kuhns Tree Farm is open for retail sales beginning on the day after Thanksgiving through December 23 each year.  The hours are 10:00 to 6:00 Monday – Friday, and 9:00 to 5:00 on weekends.

We specialize in growing the finest Fraser Fir available.  There are a large number of trees up to 14 feet tall to choose from.  Customers can cut their own tree with saws we provide, or choose a freshly cut tree from an excellent selection displayed around our barn.

The land at the farm is gently sloping, and combined with the system of gravel and grass roads makes harvest and hauling of the trees as easy as is possible.  Carts are also available to make hauling from the field to the barn even easier.  For those that might have difficulty cutting and hauling a tree, we will perform that service after the tree is selected.
After the tree reaches the barn, a full range of services is available.  If necessary, we will flush cut branch stubs, and cut the stump level.  The tree will then be shaken to remove old, dead needles and other dirt that may have gotten on the tree during harvest.  If you have one of our easy-up Christmas tree stands, we will drill the hole in the bottom of the tree for you.  We will then bale it for easy handling, and help you load it in or on your car.

Selecting your Christmas tree

Doug Banker and big treesFirst and most importantly, select a tree that will fit into your home without having to conduct major surgery on it.  Most homes have 8-foot ceilings.  Considering that the stand will raise the tree several inches, and you need room for your tree-topper, you probably should not select a tree that is over 7 and half feet tall.

Check the bottom of the tree to make sure it will fit into your tree stand.  Make note that we ‘basal prune’ most of our trees.  That means we cut the limbs off of the lower 8-12 inches of our trees.  That allows room for the tree to easily fit into most tree stands, and lots of presents under the tree.  Some people think they will save a few dollars by cutting the tree just below the lowest branches, leaving the high stump in the field.  Then when they get home they have to cut the big branches off of the bottom of the trees, changing the shape and overall appearance of the tree dramatically.  Depending on the size of the tree and your stand, your tree should have 6-12 inches of trunk clear of branches when you take it home.

Shape and foliage density are important, but different people clearly like different things.  We have narrow, medium, and ‘fat’ trees, and we have trees with fairly dense foliage, and trees that are very open.  Whatever your taste in trees, you are sure to find what you like at Kuhns Tree Farm.